Bonobo's classes are personal, engaging, and fantastic fun. Fitness is the ability to do a specific task, everyone is different, so we see our job as bringing the best out in you!​

We don't think about movement when we're young, we just do it. We play, we challenge each other, we just 'do!' For young people, our classes encourage this, try new things, build confidence, and never stop the doing!​ 

As we age everything seems to become more observation - we watch sports, we watch our children, we lose the ability to 'do.' Our adult classes are about rediscovering the abilities your youth presented, the fun, the unwaivering belief and the boundless physical opportunities. We're not about smashing you with the latest fitness fad, or training you to be an All Black. Our classes are about helping you to become more human, to move efficiently, to develop new skills and to be able to 'do' the things you want, without dreading the days of soreness afterwards.

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Additional Info

  • Hours:: We hold a mixture of set classes and open gym sessions throughout the week, contact us for further details.
  • Address: Unit 3, 56 Kingsford Smith Street, Lyall Bay, Wellington