Weta mural comes to life

Kilbirnie Business Network is always looking at ways to brighten up our suburb and make it a more attractive place to shop and our latest mural, designed by Weta Workshop artist Ken Samonte, can be found on the side of Pak'nSave Kilbirnie on Onepu Road.

Dean Galt, owner-operator of Pak’nSave Kilbirnie, who gained permission from his landlord to put the mural on the wall, is a huge fan of Peter Jackson and what Weta Workshop have done for the Eastern Suburbs so he was pleased to hear that Weta Workshop were keen to submit some designs.

“I really like the one that has been chosen and think it will look great on what was a very large wall with nothing on it.” says Dean.

Artist Ken Samonte, explained that one of the main inspirations behind the artwork was clouds: “Specifically, how many of us look up at clouds to find shapes that resemble familiar objects and creatures.”

“I googled ‘seeing things in clouds’,” he said, ”and apparently the phenomenon is called ‘pareidolia’.”  “The aim was to have an eclectic bunch of stuff to make it a fun picture to explore.

“When choosing which creatures and objects to include, some of them make sense in the picture’s overall context (like the birds or Stickman), others not so much.

“For the odd ones out, I chose whatever felt right at the time, be it amusing or magical. “I want people to get more out of the image each time they see it, finding something new each time.”

What were the difficulties in creating what will ultimately be a huge image?  “You worry about overlooking tiny mistakes on a computer screen that end up being magnified when the image is blown up,” Ken said, “but at the same time, it's incredibly exciting to see your art go from a tiny rectangle to a much bigger rectangle!”

The mural was funded b y the Kilbirnie Business Network with Pak'nSave Kilbirnie also contributing to the design cost.  Dean and Ken both hope people enjoy the mural.

“I wanted to spread some joy and let people have fun on their way to work or school,” Ken said


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